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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips to Revitalize your Rental

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Yes, we know spring has not sprung up yet – but what better time to start preparing yourself for when it does arrive. Now is a good time to focus on the once a year task for the season to make sure that you have all you need to make spring-cleaning a pleasure. With some easy spring-cleaning tips, you will have your rental home revitalized in no time. Here are some easy tips recommended by one of the top Phoenix Property Management Companies to revitalize your rental home.

Brighten up the lights

Lighting in homes always makes a huge difference in any form of space. You can brighten up your dull lighting by dusting off all bulb and light fixtures. Do not forget the air-conditioners vents and ceiling fans. Removing any grime from them will help stop the redistribution of dust and makes the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Have Fun with Floors

Whether you own a rental with wood, carpet, or tile floors, any area with foot traffic deserves extra tender loving care. Especially carpets need cleaning every 12 to 18 months and can have it done professionally or do it yourself. Check with your Property Management Phoenix Company or Landlord to see if they would cover cleaning costs of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. If cleaning the carpets by yourself, make sure to use the appropriate cleaning product on any surface to not scratch or damage the surfaces. Soon you will have the floors sparkling clean.

Window Combatants

Windows are the windows to your soul of your home. Although many people advise, they never clean them. Phoenix Property Management recommends tackling this task, at least, once a year. With clean windows, you allow more light into the home, brightens up rooms, and you would be surprised what a huge difference it makes.

Messy closets

Ever wondered why you are having difficulty getting out the door to work. Is your closet messy and untidy and you are always looking for clothes to wear or trying to find something and do not know where it is? This could be one reason why you are running late for work. Organize closets and cupboards in the home from the room right through to the kitchen. Rid these spaces with unwanted clothing and items taking up unnecessary space. This will provide more space and keep things organized to find things when you are looking for them.

Deal with Tracks

Tracks from patio doors right through to vinyl tracks in fridges are dirt trappers. Scrub of sliding door track, drawers, closet doors, and any area with a track as it will make them load and open easier preventing future fix ups.

Surface Scrubbing

Clean every surface in the home that you tend to overlook. Phoenix property management agencies suggest a good springtime scrub. Wash baseboards, doorframes, walls, and doorknobs. Sanitize forgotten areas as this helps to control dust and keep it at bay providing the rental home with a polished look.

Regardless of when you do decide to tackle, your spring cleaning list, your rental home will shine. Are you pressed for time devoting ten minutes to these tasks in a day will ensure a clean home in no time? Enjoy the spring-cleaning!