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Leasing Agreement Advice – Property Management Howard County

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When it comes to leasing agreements with the Property Management Howard County, our advice to any new rental property investor is to know that the agreement is one of the most important documents that protect you as well as your tenant. On many occasions, when in discussion with new Landlords we always hear that they wanted to download a generic rental agreement template found available online. People this is the biggest mistake you can make as there are specific things that need to be included in the agreement, according to the Howard County Landlord Tenant Act, in order to make your lease permissible. Here we have compiled some advice for you to make sure that you have a strong lease agreement.

Expert Advice

Our expert advice to new rental property managers is to work with a property management company in Howard County Maryland when you are in need of drawing up a lease agreement, or talk to an attorney that specializes in Landlord and tenant laws. You may not want to pay for legal advice, however; it will save you from making potential mistakes that could become costly in the end. In Howard County, there are local decrees that are required from Landlords, and if you miss them, you could find yourself in court.

When it comes to rent control, there are certain things that you as a Landlord should know when it comes to your lease agreement with tenants, for example, you need to provide them with a 30-day notice before increasing the rent or any costs related to the property or apartment building. If the increase is, 10% or more you are required to provide the tenant with a 60-day notice. An experienced property manager or attorney can help you make sure that your lease agreement is up to par with the law.

All Tenant names to be on the lease

You need to allocate all adults older than 18 years of age and signed as most adult children live with their parents. The reason for this is when you are in need of evicting the person from the home and their name is not in the agreement it is going to be a hard time getting them out of the house.

All Details to be included in the lease

The lease agreement must cover all possible contingencies that include information as to whom will be paying the utility bills, appliances provided must be listed, the amount of rent to be paid and day of the month it is payable, and how the rent will be paid. This must also include late fee penalties, how the properties to be maintained, and all required noise decrees.

Occupant Review

At property management Howard County, we make sure that the tenant reads the lease agreement and understands all information provided in it before signing. At this time, the tenant can ask you any questions regarding the lease agreement before signing. Provide your tenant with a summary of Howard County Landlord Tenant Laws for safekeeping and is obtainable from the Department of Planning and Development.

As a Landlord, you will need to refer to your lease agreement at numerous points during the tenancy, so it is advisable that the lease agreement is detailed and in compliance with all local and state laws. If you are in need of assistance or have any question regarding rental agreements, please contact us at Real Property Management Howard County.

Organizing your Rental for Marketing on the Web

Whether you are marketing your own unoccupied or occupied property for rental or using one of the Property Management Companies in Columbia, MD you can be sure that potential renters will be looking through photos of the property before they even plan an in-person showing. Many prospects may not even see your home if there are no available photos for them to see. By following some simple guidelines, you can spruce up your rental property or apartment before your property manager comes and helps to make your property look its best.