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The Exterior of the property

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To provide your exterior of your home to look at its best when the property manager arrives make sure that you have parked your car in the garage or if no garage is available around the corner from the home. Make sure that all doors are closed and that the garbage bins are out of frame. If there, is any clutter, for example, bikes, broken furniture, toys, etc laying around clean it up and remove any vehicles out of the way. Walk around the garden and make sure that trees are trimmed, flowerbeds are clean without weed, and laws mowed.

The Interior of the property

As a Columbia, MD Property Management group it is advised that, you open all blinds and shades while ensuring that they are level and even. Turn on all lights and remove items that cause clutter around the home or apartment. Pack away decorative items, photos, mail, etc. If there are toys lying around pack them away or organize them neatly. Make sure that your entire valuables are stored away and place the trash out of sight. If there are pets in your home make sure that their beds, bowls, crates, litter boxes, etc is out of sight. Vacuum all carpets and clean everything.


In the kitchen, remove all magnets on your refrigerator and items on the surface. Clear as much as possible off the kitchen counters as less makes for better pictures.

Dining Area:

Remove all excess chairs and high chairs plus booster seats.

Living Room:

If there is excess furniture in the living room, have it removed. Turn the TV off and if it is located in a cabinet close the door. Remove all dying and large plants from the room.


In all bedrooms, make sure that the beds made and that nothing is showing underneath the bed. If you have, your kids’ names on the wall remove them in any visible location. Make sure that all cupboards are closed.


Make sure that the bath, shower, and washbasins clean and fold towels neatly. If your shower has a curtain leave it, open and remove all items hanging over doors.

The most important part is that your home and property must be completely clean and do all repairs where needed no matter how small it is. All clutter must be cleared away completely and avoid pushing anything into corners that may be picked up by a camera. When Property Managers in Columbia, Maryland eventually shows your property and home to prospective tenants by taking them on a tour make sure that all unsightly boxes and piles are packed away and that storage areas are clutter free as this will show your home better to finally be rented.