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Being a Landlord in Portland: Taking care of the Yard

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The majority standard single-family or condominiums homes have small yards in the area of Portland. Most of the time, the renters responsible for the upkeep of the yard and there are exceptions when homeowners associations maintain the lawn and yard. On some occasions, the association only takes care of the front yard – but not the outdoor space in the back. In these cases, it is important that you specify to the tenants what they are accountable for taking care of.

Is your yard fussy?

In Portland management, we know that some places consist of hybrid plants and mature trees that require pruning and may find it more suitable to call in a professional to service the yard. It may cost you a little extra, however, can increase the rent in order to cover service costs for the renter. As a Landlord, you will need to make sure that tenants take care of the lawn and shrubs regarding keeping them trimmed and watered.

The occupants responsible for making sure that the gardens watered and taken care of and you may want to provide them with a professional service if there are flower and shrub beds that need maintaining or shrubs and trees that require extra care, especially with complicated landscaping.

Offer the property with lawn services

As property management, we suggest offering the tenant with a lawn care service included in the rent. However, if the occupant wants to take care of the yard themselves, then you need to stipulate it in the lease that if they do not take care properly of the yard you have the right to increase the rent to cover for professional yard care. By including this clause in the lease, it protects you and the property if the renter perhaps does not take care of the lawn or garden in the manner expected.

Final Note

Another thing that is very important and that many property management Portland have found is that Landlords leave their lawn care appliances behind for the occupant to use. Never leave any lawn appliances behind you will be responsible for any injuries that occur while the renters using it. Always take your hedge clippers, lawnmower, and other lawn care appliances with you and never leave them behind for the tenant to use. This lessens the worry of someone getting hurt while using the equipment, and you remove the problem from the property. This will save you unnecessary costs when it comes to emergency care and even legal costs.

If you have any questions regarding your yard, and how to take care of it when owning a rental property, please do not hesitate to give us a call at the Porter Brauen Real Estate & Property Management Services. For all your rental property and real estate concerns, contact, we are always available to help you with all your needs.