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Creating space in your rental home with Property Management Companies in Nashville

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When renting properties from Property Management Companies in Nashville occupants may find themselves in situations where they need more space to put away unwanted items lying around the home.  This is where you need to become creative to provide living space with more storage.

You may be living in a home or apartment that does not have much packing space, or cupboards. For some great storage, ideas to help you reduce mess then read on.

Look underneath

By using creativity, you can have your rental home clutter free and create creative spaces to pack away your unwanted items lying around. Look around the rental home, even your smallest of homes have spaces underneath not in use. Buy shallow long boxes to store under bed spaces. These make great places to store bedding and clothes that are not in season. If your bed is too low, consider buying bed risers to create more space. You can add a bed frill to camouflage the storage space under the bed.

By using wooden storage boxes, you can place them under kitchen and bathroom sinks. On shallow shelves, you can use crates or bins to keep your items organized. Buying organizers will also solve this problem.

Move your space up

Take a closer look at the top of your cabinets as this can serve as storage space as well. You can place small appliances and serving pieces on top of cabinets or your refrigerator. Keep these items dust free by placing items in removable dust covers. This helps you to wash them when needed. With your property manager’s permission, you can hang ceiling racks to save space. Hang your utensils, pans, and pots from them as this provides more space in your cabinets.

Behind doors

Most wasted spaces are behind the back of doors. There are different over-the-door solutions found as pocket organizers, caddies, holders for towels, shoe bags, and racks. By using these options, you can hang tools, scrub brushes, and small accessories to provide more space.

Buy furniture with storage

When buying furniture select fixtures that provide storage space in helping to store blankets, exercise equipment, and different games. As a great addition, you can buy padded benches to porches and entryways and great for storing boots, sport equipment, hats, gloves, and umbrellas.

Use shelves and bookcases

For enormous storage space, make use of bookcases and shelves to store things. By placing items directly into the shelves, or on top of shelves within crates and decorative boxes you can save loads of space. Place removable hooks on kitchen walls to hold dish towels and utensils. Inside bedroom cupboards, you can mount hooks for belts, purses, and scarves.

By placing wooden storage boxes with creative designs in front of your kids’ bed, you can place toys lying around the room inside them. Use plastic stacking containers in bedroom cupboards to place the folded clothes. This will keep your cupboards organized and make your life easier when looking for clothes to wear.

A tight space offers great storage space use every available surface to stack away-unwanted items and create more room for your family to live with.